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EpicCosplay Wig Review: Hera in Dark Princess Pink



Back in the day when I was just getting my feet wet with the hobby of cosplay (2003-2006), it was very difficult to find high quality wigs in a variety of styles & colors. Today, there are endless choices available on the internet and even in convention dealer rooms. However, I’m the type of person to find a brand I love and stick with it. That’s where EpicCosplay Wigs comes in.

Over the years of cosplaying Louise from Zero no Tsukaima, I’ve had a handful of wigs. I was always in search of “the one” that was the perfect shade of pink, with a soft texture, that could handle multiple wears and some mild styling. I think I’ve finally found it.

Hera - Dark Princess Pink

Hera – Dark Princess Pink

The style “Hera” is 38 inches long, with the perfect amount of curls & waves for Louise. I went with “Princess Dark Pink” to compliment my skin tone and match official anime art.


How do I rate EpicCosplay’s product? What’s awesome about EpicCosplay Wigs?

Quality. I usually tend to cosplay characters with long hair, and I can’t stress enough how important quality is, especially once you’re dealing with long fibers that have the potential to tangle. EpicCosplay’s wigs barely tangle at all, and comb out easily. I think this is especially important for wavy-haired characters like Louise. With other wigs I’ve owned, they’ve become tangled in the wind or merely a few hours taking photos, and were impossible to comb out. After  wearing, this wig combed out with ease.

Price. While a bit more expensive than overseas sellers on eBay or good ol’ Taobao, you really get what you pay for here. Investing a little bit more into a quality wig will save your sanity in the future. Personally, I find their wigs fairly priced for what you get out of them. Many are also discounted, and the sales here are great, too! I only wish I had access to this wig a few years ago when I first started cosplaying Louise, so I wouldn’t have to buy so many before finding this one that I love.

Photo by Bentpic5


Fast Shipping in the USA. I was fortunate enough to not be waiting for this wig to arrive right before a cosplay event, but if I had been, it would have been on time. The great thing about ordering locally is that you don’t have to wait weeks on end or pay an outrageous amount of shipping costs to get your wig in a timely fashion. From making my order to receiving the product, it only took 2-3 days.

Styling. EpicCosplay’s wigs are heat resistant, so you can style to your heart’s content! Or, if you’re like me, do just a little bit of styling to better suit the character. First of all, I really love how this wig plus many other choices on the site have such long, thick bangs. For Louise, I curled them under (see my tutorial here) to give them that “anime girl” poof, and styled some sidebangs as well to flatter my face shape. Because the fibers were heat resistant, I could use my steamer and blow dryer without worry. If you own a hair straightener, that’s safe, too.

Overall: I’m really pleased with this wig, and highly recommend it for this character. I think it would also work well for Vocaloid 2’s Megurine Luka, or as a base wig for Princess Euphemia in Code Geass. This is just one of the few products I own from EpicCosplay Wigs and highly recommend them for your cosplay needs!


Wedding Louise

Wedding Louise – Photo by Angela Stipe


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    May 8, 2013 at 5:19 am

    Wow ~ Amazing cosplay! It’s so pretty c: Those are big circle lenses ;o; are they 16mm? Or 15mm?

    • Reply
      May 8, 2013 at 11:37 am

      Thank you!

      They’re actually only 14mm! :)

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    Louise Françoise Le Blanc de la Vallière – MERUCOSPLAY.COM
    April 21, 2017 at 7:58 pm

    […] The cloak is the only original thing from when I first made the costume in 2008. It’s made from a nice suiting and lined with satin, since Louise is a noble. The brooch has been through three different versions: first with craft foam & a sharpie-drawn star, second with a wooden plaque and a sculpted star, and finally the official COSPA brooch. The skirt and blouse have also been through many different versions and changes. The latest ones are inspired by the manga illustrations. To make the skirt, I custom-dyed some fabric and made box pleats to my measurements. The blouse is one from the thrift store, but I altered it since Louise’s has points on the front, as opposed to a more traditional look. The stockings were purchased from Sock Dreams and shoes from the latest version are from Payless. Louise is definitely supposed to be short, and I’m already a bit tall for her, but the heels are a much more feminine and flattering look. This costume has also been through many different wigs: 1) Cosplay-Wig, 2), (both now defunct shops) and finally, Epic Cosplay Wigs. You can read my review of the wig here. […]

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