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Cosplay Construction Notes: Super Princess Peach from Nintendo

Princess Peach has been one of my dream costumes for over a decade. I was really into the Super Princess Peach platform game during it’s prime and knew I wanted to cosplay that version, but put the costume off until my seamstress skills were up to it. I intended to make it to go with my family’s Nintendo costumes at Halloween 2015, but underestimated the amount of time it would take to make a ballgown while caring for an infant, haha. I made mockups and some progress in October 2015, but then didn’t start working on the costume again until Spring 2016. The sewing was finished by Summer 2016 but I did not complete accessories and wig styling until the week of this costume’s debut at MomoCon 2017.

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Costume Information

Character: Princess Peach | ピーチ姫

Series: Nintendo | 任天堂株式会社

Variant: Super Princess Peach (スーパープリンセスピーチ) / Mario Party (マリオパーティ)

Completed: 2017

Debut: MomoCon 2017

I used McCall’s M6420 as my base pattern. I kept the skirt and peplum the same, but modified the bodice quite a bit. It was very ill-fitting (despite following my measurements) and I had to change up some seams and the neckline for accuracy. I made 3 different mockups just to ensure the best fit and look for Peach. Since I have a long torso, I also elongated the bodice and made the center drop more dramatic for accuracy.The bodice includes an interfaced fashion layer (casa satin), structure layer (duck cloth with flat and spiral steel boning), and lining (Nintendo print cotton). I had to go back and re-fit each bodice layer several times because my body kept changing after giving birth. For the collar, I drafted my own scallop pattern and cut on the bias of the fabric so it could be attached to the curve of the neckline.

The skirt and peplum were sewn to the bodice, and everything comes together in the back with an invisible zipper. The peplum are lined, and I had to get creative with the drape of them since they were quite massive. If I ever make a new version of Peach, I definitely want to improve the drape and shape of these, but for the most part I am satisfied with my first attempt at them. The skirt has serged seams and hems. The bottom of the skirt has handmade ruffles, which were created from long strips of fabric that totaled 20 yards in length. The edges were finished with a rolled hem on my serger (this tutorial was especially helpful!), gathered, basted to the skirt, then sewn to it by machine. My entire dress is supported by a 4-hoop petticoat from eBay, which is held in place with a waist cincher.

Peach’s shoes are often depicted as a reddish pink, so I decided to custom paint a pair of “comfort plus” Payless pumps. I used Angelus leather paint and mixed fuchsia, white, and a bit of red to achieve the color I wanted. It took 4 coats and the paint has held up well. For the gloves, I just bought a pair from We Love Colors. Originally, I intended to craft my own jewels and accessories for this costume. I purchased new molds and resin supplies to create the gems, and even tried out Worbla for the first time on making the crown. The small gems came out nicely but the larger one was bubbly and cloudy, and also much too heavy to wear without putting strain on my costume. The crown also wasn’t really up to my standards. At this point, my costume sat in limbo for a bit longer because I wasn’t sure what to do. Then I came across some beautiful accessories by a maker on Etsy with excellent reviews. I decided to eat the costs of my failed accessories and splurge on these since Peach is a dream costume. They did not disappoint! Perfect Tommy Automail is an amazing artist and very professional. I even received my items much earlier than requested. The crown has loops on the inside which allow for pinning to a wig. I requested my brooch come without a pin and attach it to the bodice with a super strong magnet — this way I can switch it out for any future Peach costumes and do not have to worry about my dress getting snagged. The earrings are super lightweight and do not give me any issues or irritation.

The last major part of this costume was the wig. Peach’s hair has a very distinct look. I didn’t want my wig too look too extreme, but also not too natural. I ended up purchasing a Luthien in “pale blonde” from Arda Wigs as the base. I really would have liked to combine 2 wigs, but my budget and time constraints did not allow for it. The Luthien comes with curls, which I straightened with a flat iron. I also treated the fibers with warm water and fabric softener so that they would tangle less. Then I started sectioning off the bangs with clips. Each section was teased underneath, set with spray + heat, and tipped with styling gel. The results satisfied me, considering I’m not much into styling complex wigs.

For props, I chose a pink parasol like Peach has in the Mario Party games that I bought off Amazon. The toadstool is a handmade crochet item from a local craft vendor.

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