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Convention Report: SOPOCU Con 2014

It’s officially summer, and the start of the convention season! Moving to a new city can be overwhelming at first, but I’ve already received quite a warm welcome here. This weekend I attended Southern Popular Culture Convention (SOPOCU Con) as a guest.



It was a first year show, and I felt it was well-run and organized. All staff, including Greg Hanks, the convention organizer and founder, were courteous and friendly. They were great at communicating with me the weeks prior and the day of the con. I also thought the show was well advertised throughout the city with radio interviews, TV spots on the local news, and even flyers around the city that I spotted in several locations!


As a guest, I was even given a table of my own with the artists and vendors.  I’ve never done this sort of thing before, and I currently don’t sell cosplay prints or crafts, so I just brought in some of my creations and awards to display and hung out at the table to meet people and answer questions about cosplay.



I also had a “Cosplay 101” presentation panel for the convention programming, which had a great turnout! I love speaking about my hobby and getting more people into costuming, and wish I could’ve talked about more topics. It’s actually pretty tough cramming everything I want to say in one hour.



There were also a lot of neat guests at SOPOCU Con. To name but a few: Mary Kate and Kelsey from King of the Nerds 2, Theodus Crane from Walking Dead, comic colorist K Michael Russell, and Miranda Vaughn, a local Disney costumer and party performer. All of the guests and vendors had ties to The South, which is what made this event so personable. Everyone was so friendly and happy to ~geek out~ right there with you!

sopocu-titanI was thrilled to see a titan! sopocu-tardisFionna Tardis, Fionna Selfie
sopocu-kelseyKelsey is so sweet! sopocu-digimonLove Digimon!


The last major event was the costume contest, which I judged with Moodhair Cosplays and Mary Kate. As usual, it was tough choosing the winners with so many great entries. Congratulations again to Risana’s Cosplay for winning 1st place! Her Sailor Moon was beautifully constructed.



Overall, I had a fabulous day at SOPOCU Con. It was a great way to meet new friends and connect to the local geek community, which I wasn’t sure existed here. Thanks again to Greg Hanks and all of the hardworking staff for bringing us all together for a fun event, and I hope this becomes a tradition in Jackson for years to come!

How about you guys?

Any big plans for conventions this summer? I’m personally attending a few small events here and there as I work on various costumes throughout the season. If you also attended SOPOCU Con, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event!

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