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Cosplay Construction Notes: Tsumugi Kotobuki from K-On!

K-On! is such an adorable show, and I definitely identify with Mugi the most, in terms of looks and quirky personality. I feel this costume helped me level-up in a lot of crafting/sewing skills, and it was an absolute joy to make and wear with friends.

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mugi-refCharacter: Tsumugi Kotobuki | 琴吹 紬

Series: K-On! | Keion! | けいおん!

Variant: Don’t Say Lazy ED

Completed: 2010

Debut: Metrocon 2010

Partners: Tham (Mio), Yashuntafun (Ritsu), Exastra (Yui)

I used a commercial pattern for the dress as base. I made the bottom flare out more, added seams, accounted for the asymmetrical design, and also the strap. Black and white casa satin were used to make the dress. I created the stripes myself by sewing the materials together for the front panel. Strap/ruffle trim were also made from the black casa satin. The earrings are just Sculpey balls painted green. Wig is a short base (Forever Young brand) and the bun clips onto the base from tiny holes I cut in the wig netting. The bun was made from extra extensions I had lying around, hot glued to a styrofoam ball. Tights are from WeLoveColors and I already owned the shoes. Keytar was made by my husband using cardboard, recycled sintra signs, and craft foam. Yashuntafun made the flower prop.


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